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So a proper understanding of what it means is essential if all those who are disabled, as that term is defined in the Act, are to be brought within its protection.

Parliament went to considerable lengths to define this expression.

And there are the provisions that the Schedule itself sets out.

Not only is it important that these detailed provisions should be understood and applied in the right way.

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Business Insider first reached him by phone, when he requested email correspondence instead. I'm not trying to take away the recording," Fielder said.

She cared for her widowed mother for years, never married and sang in church and at karaoke nights at the pub." I don't doubt that the AP writer would find that existence drab.

But I don't think he's asked Susan Boyle how she views her own life. Or maybe she loves her life, with its space both for solitude at home and sociability at the pub.

The claim was explosive since many conservatives believed a theory that votes from African-American Democrats helped carry Cochran to victory in the June 24 runoff. He has continued to confirm his story that he was offered money by the Cochran campaign to buy votes." On Friday, Mississippi's Clarion-Ledger newspaper published a story noting Fielder suggested his comments to Johnson were "hypothetical" and that audio of the interview may have been selectively edited.

Almost immediately, the Cochran campaign poked holes in the story — noting, among other things, that Johnson had paid his source, Stevie Fielder. However, Fielder didn't entirely disavow the statements he made to Johnson.

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