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The result was an elegant but power-packed platform designed to drive sales and customer happiness by providing a range of tools and services that includes 24/7 chat operators who can handle chat when your team is away; award winning chat software that literally powers call centers, chat integration that runs in parallel with your Facebook, Twitter and Email campaigns and even built-to-spec options to plug into apps and services.

This month, the BMW Group celebrated the sale of more than 50,000 plug-in vehicles so far in 2017, while at the same time achieving its best July automotive result ever (gassers included) – and the best overall/YTD result after seven months.

Are any mosquitoes evolving with delayed-action stings or reduced sting secretions so they can drink blood without the threat of imminent death?

After I released a lamb that had got its head stuck in a fence, it ran halfway across the field to a ewe and immediately started suckling.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a mother and daughter were stabbed to death.

Scotland Yard said Joshua Cohen, 27, was arrested in connection with the killings of the victims, aged 33 and 66.

Our mission was to do the impossible: to develop a chat solution that could drive 3x more chat conversions.

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I've been using teen chat for about a year and a half, and i love it.Teen chat gives all a place to vent, chill out and meet amazing people everyday.Come talk to me in Teen Shack or Canada chat, my name is x Broken Smilex!We also have public chat rooms, where more than two users chat together. Even though it's possible to use our chat service without registration, the most convenient way to use our chat service is to become a member.The advantages are many: Before you chat with a stranger, make sure to read some of our top articles below.

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