Mcafee problems updating file definition

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Hi, I have been having a problem with the malware that blocks system restore prevents security and microsoft updates blocks access to security websites redirects google search does not allow the installation of any new security software (such as Trojan Remover Malwarebytes) even from the safe mode I am a paying customer of Mc Afee - - for the last time!

They have been completely uncooperative in resolving this issue that their service should have prevented. it's the folder where you will find the DAT files such as SCAN. then you should disable the Mcafee scanner, Download the ZIP file, Then extract the DAT files to the Engine folder and then re-enable the Mc Afee scanner. I have located the engine folder -- Mc Afee\Virus Scan\Engine The DAT folder is in the same Virus Scan folder as the Engine folder - - Mc Afee\Virus Scan\DAT\ ###DAT I am able to click on the properties of the DAT itself and see the date the DAT was last updated - - around the time my not so DH admits opening a birthday e-greeting he believed came from his mother. So, just to be clear, do I put the new DAT files in the DAT folder itself or in the Engine folder?

"Mc Afee apologizes for any inconvenience to our customers." Judging from comments left on Mc Afee support forums, the snafu is causing considerable problems for many customers.

"How much longer before Mc Afee finds a fix or has the update 5959 to resolve this problem? "We are a school district and have over 5000 computers being effected by this DAT file.

EXE file that you will simply run on the workstation to be updated.

If you're using the Mc Afee Super DAT definitions you can script installation of the DATs using these command line switches): /LOGFILE Logs the status into specified file.

Each PC on VLAN has Mc Afee anti-virus software installed. ZIP on one machine, then use a script to copy the unzipped files to the folder on each of the destination machines.

My question: assuming I'll get this update file (I'm planning to request IT to put it on that shared accessible place ) ... Then based on instruction I unzipped it and copied 3 files into Mc Afee\Engine directory. I'd like to do it on one shared place accessible for each PC's and then point from each PC to that place. No, you must place the DAT files on each machine individually.

how could I update my local Mc Afee software by pointing to update file? Do you think it's feasible to scan from local machine but point to one centralized place? The Mc Afee antivirus software is hard-coded to look in their own directory for the definition files and will not look elsewhere. I completed the wizard and it resulted in updating files in \Mc Afee\Engine folder. I was able to do a scan with a new DAT I assume to do the following: 1.

"We support customers' platforms, and it means we are currently unable to do that," said the head of infrastructure security for a worldwide IT firm who asked not to be identified because he's not authorized to speak to the press.

"Basically, our engineers are currently unable to work." In a statement, Mc Afee said the false positive "can result in moderate to significant performance issues" on machines running Windows XP service pack 3, and that the defective definition has been removed from download servers.

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