Waterville maine dating

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The protection laws also allow individuals accused of abuse, sexual assault, stalking, or other forms of harassment (the defendant) to contest a claim.

The Protection from Abuse (PA) and Protection from Harassment (PH) laws are separate statutes with different requirements.

The Maine Department of Health and Humans Services maintains a list of resources for victims available at

Victims of domestic or dating abuse, sexual assault, stalking or other forms of harassment (the plaintiff) can obtain both short-term emergency protection and, after a hearing, long-term protection from the District Court.

You may also be required to first ask law enforcement to warn the defendant to stop the harassment before starting a PH case.

The absolute minimum is the last name, but you can probably imagine how long it would take to sort through all obituaries of people sharing the same last name (even names you would think are uncommon will likely have hundreds to thousands of matches).

So, if the person is your ancestor, try to find someone who knows their first name as well.

With their wealth, the lumber barons built elaborate Greek Revival and Victorian mansions and the 31 feet (9.4 m) high statue of Paul Bunyan.

As the city was located on the Penobscot River, logs could be floated downstream from the North Maine Woods and processed at the city's water-powered sawmills, then shipped from Bangor's port to the Atlantic Ocean 30 miles downstream, and from there to any port in the world.

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