Database updating view

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I'm just starting to familiarize with Angular.js, but I would like to build a web app that has a view that gets auto-upated in real-time (no refresh) for the user when something changes in the server-side database.

Can Angular handle this (mostly) automatically for me? For example, do you somehow setup Angular to poll the DB regularly for "model" changes?

But this question applies equally to pure web-apps where you might have multiple clients changing the database through Angular web clients, and they each need to be updated when one of them makes a change to the DB (model). Here's an implementation that uses jetty instead node.

CRUD is also sometimes used to describe user interface conventions that facilitate viewing, searching, and changing information; often using computer-based forms and reports.

To view all indexes for a table or view, you can use sp_helpindex.

FULLSCAN Compute statistics by scanning all rows in the table or indexed view. The actual percentage or number of rows the query optimizer samples might not match the percentage or number specified.

Each letter in the acronym can map to a standard SQL statement, HTTP method (this is typically used to build RESTful APIs The comparison of the database oriented CRUD operations to HTTP methods has some flaws.

Strictly speaking, both PUT and POST can create resources; the key difference is that POST leaves it for the server to decide at what URI to make the new resource available, whilst PUT dictates what URI to use; URIs are of course a concept that doesn't really line up with CRUD.

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