Christian singles dating austin

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I am the youngest with 3 older brothers, all policemen in San Diego area. for a few hours so hopefully we can chat if you have time then.

Daddy is a pilot for United Airlines and I do fly free (a perk to immediate families) and can take person with me for free on the same flight so if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?? One other thing, I don't have a phone right now...battery for my new Samsung S7 caught on fire and I am waiting for a new one (was supposed to be here mid-May and I am still waiting)...

In terms of my personality, I have both a femine side and a masculine one in terms of my thinking. I do still play occasionally at parties for friends but that has come to a complete halt during finals weeks.

I enjoy family time & being at home catching cuddles & being a chef ! :) Don't let my long long profile scare you away..just trying to let you know ahead of time what you would be getting with me.

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I recently moved from CA to Austin because I know I am a Lesbian and Austin is very accepting of LGBT. Will graduate from nursing school at the U of Texas-Austin in a few weeks and now that my college days are over I will be looking for "Miss Right" I already have a great job waiting for at a Childrens Hospital where I worked while still in high school and during my summer breaks from college.

I am 49 years old and since college I knew I was gay but I did not have the courage to come out of the closet. I do not drink but I don't mind if my partner does. I like to do many activities and always open to learning new things. I love my job, I work in the neonatal ward where we take care of newborns who had probs at birth, but I get so attached to them and am an emotional wreck when they finally get to go home.

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