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this is a group for those annoying bossy bitches getting what they deserve, ever wanted to rape your annoying sexy boss? Bad moms getting forced are ok too, but this leads me to the second point.2 Must be forced sexual situations, I don't want to see a smiling face, it should start as forced sex.3 straight only no lesbian (maybe accept if other girl acts as a sidekick of the guy only)4 bondage is preferred but if it is forced sex without bondage its ok5 tentacles and hentai are borderline, if it is really good put it.6 please no 1 minute shoots with no lore, they have no taste Most important role of all, HAVE FUN :) In medicine, a doctor is a specialist in surgery. i've hung around gay people just to test the waters and allowed myself into certain situations which i knew would leave me vulnerable. To indicate possession: a) singular with 's Tom's book Jeannie's idea the girl's toys (toys belong to one girl) b) plural with s' the books' covers my brothers' jobs the girls' toys (toys belong to several girls) The apostrophe should never be used when you are just talking about something that is plural, with no possession. also i like to consider women in suits belong to this category but be careful that she isnt a secretary fucked by boss.b)without uniform: those videos have girls acting bossy like the golden girl which own everything (firing people, acting my daddy will fire you etc)this is very lore dependant. This lesson's task is to help you learn about possessives and contractions that need apostrophes and plurals that don't. To indicate that one or more letters was dropped in a contraction: it is o'clock 2.he uses the softwear program teamviewer to get into my computer and findout all my secrets , once i installed it he got on line with me and he made me watch as he added him self as the adminstraighter and he told me the computer was going to go to black screen for about 20 mins and for me to take a shower and shave really close and get dressed femine , in the mean time he added programs like keylogger , spy softwear, parental control softwear, , and webcam softwear, all to find out my info and blackmail and ruin mehe found out my passwords and email contacts and where i worked the first night , the next day he found out my home address and credit card numbers my home phone number and cell phone number , he slowly started to expose me and ruin me .

These videos are a small sample of the over 2,000 custom videos I have made for my fans and customers. I KNOW THAT AND WHEN I KNOW ABOUT SOMEONE'S SNAPCHAT ACCOUNT, IT'S REALLY HIT THE CEILING BECAUSE I'M AN OLD TIMER. THOMAS: I ROB SNAPCHAT'S FILTERS AND PUT THEM ON INSTAGRAM BECAUSE I'M LAZY.ZACH SAID YOU LIKE THESE FILTERS BECAUSE IT FINALLY PUTS A STRANGE WEIRD FACE TO ALL THE STRANGE VOICES YOU DO. THOMAS: I LIKE TO MAKE IT DARK AND WEIRD AND SILLY. YOU MADE UP A SONG THAT'S BEEN IN MY HEAD FOR A WHILE ABOUT PIZZA.send me a message to my profile to request an you do not fit the criteria above, please note that you will be asked to leave, that includes not being an active do need proof that you are under 30 years old, as it is vital to our group's integrity.wouldn't you like to know that anyone you meet through our group is who they say they are?

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