So cal speed dating

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The last time I admired a woman was a few minutes ago, as this really hot chick walked past me, unknowingly conspiring to distract me from my intellectual theories.

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For a new tool to claim some of my time and attention from these activities it has to offer me a lot of value in return. This post generated a lively debate in its comment thread.You cannot reject this service until you have tried it for a while. I find it to be an approach to managing the tools in your life.If I had to test every potentially useful tool before deciding not to use it, I would end up spending the bulk of my life testing. If some company wants to make money off me using their service, they better have a compelling pitch for why it’s worth me taking away time and attention from my work, family and friends — even if just temporarily.[Read: Men who stare at women] You just froze a guy in his tracks and took a male species back a few thousand years into his carnal desires.Why men love women I asked a few friends and a few colleagues about this issue in one of those little cigarette breaks that I get, as I sat precariously across a ledge on the balcony overlooking a busy street.

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